The Blue Planet: Extraordinary Fish

The Blue Planet: Extraordinary Fish by Dipper Frances

01 / 10 / 2003
185 x 216mm

Fish are one of the most diverse groups of vertebrates and are the undoubted masters of the underwater world. Equally at home in fresh or salt water, they have evolved to occupy every conceivable water-filled niche. Fish have adapted to survive in environments from the deepest ocean depths to muddy freshwater puddles, and from the freezing waters of the Antarctic to hot desert springs.

'Extraordinary Fish' illustrates the amazing transformations in body form and behaviour that have enabled fish to take up many diverse and fascinating lifestyles. In an environment where predators abound, survival is of prime concern and this book explores the many ways that fish can camouflage and arm themselves for attack and defence.

As well as extraordinary powers of sight, sound and smell, some fish can detect electric fields, glow with luminescent light, and navigate unerringly across vast oceans. From this sensory world, 'Extraordinary Fish' moves on to reveal the colourful sex life of many fish.

Extensively illustrated with colourful underwater photographs, 'Extraordinary Fish' forms part of a new range of books that has been devised to inform and delight the reader.
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