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    The quality of your life is in your hands.

    More and more people are asking themselves how they can cope with the speed of their life. One answer is to shift the focus back of the self, strengthening inner resources to harmonise mind, body and soul. It's a delicate balancing act, and now help is at hand with this major new book.

    'The Body Shop Book of Wellbeing' offers a complete practical guide to achieving the harmony we crave, from the immediate physical needs of skin and hair to the yearnings of the soul.

    - 'Mind' examines stress, the great health issue of our time, and considers the results you can expect from the various therapies - from hypnotherapy to meditation - which assert the power of the mind over the body.
    - 'Body' takes an in-depth look at physical fitness, covering everything from diet and exercise to simple, innovative solutions to skin care problems. Included is practical information on a range of therapies - from aromatherapy to reiki - which will energise your body and elevate your spirit.
    - 'Soul' journeys within, analysing the distinct cycles of a woman's spiritual evolution, and detailing ways to enrich your own spiritual life through personal rituals such as the creation of a sacred space at home.

    With informative, accessible text from leading writers in each field, 'The Body Shop Book of Wellbeing' is the modern manual for feeling and looking good in today's high-pressure world.

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