The Career Portfolio Workbook

By: Gary D'Orsi, Frank Satterthwaite

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Innovative ideas for creating a skill-based career portfolio

For job seekers looking to provide tangible, easily accessible proof of their skills and accomplishments, a portfolio of careerrelated documents is fast becoming the essential tool. The Career Portfolio Workbook shows readers how to compile and organize a career portfolio­­one that is easy to review and quickly adaptable to specific interviews and circumstances.

The Career Portfolio Workbook provides job seekers of any profession or experience level with a powerful new weapon­­the confidence and the material to promote themselves and their work to others. Its step-by-step process explains how to:

Create a career portfolio of personal skills­­why, how, and what to include

Target a career portfolio to specific needs­­a job interview, a performance review, or a career transition

Prepare materials, based on more than 50 sample documents­­and five complete portfolio samples
Publication Date:
14 / 01 / 2003

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