The cLEAN Momma Workout

The cLEAN Momma Workout by Carolyn Barnes
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Lose weight, get fit, and stay healthy while you clean your house!With an endless to-do list getting in the way of her workout time, busy mom Carolyn Barnes decided to take matters into her own hands. She created the ultimate multitasking program: The cLEAN Momma Workout. Soon she was losing weight fast and her home was cleaner than ever.Barnes's Taskercise program will allow you to get fit, lose weight, and have fun—all while making your home sparkling clean. You'll get both your home and your body in shape, no matter where your household chores take you. Just a few of the Taskercises you'll learn are:In the kitchen: The Rag Drag Cupboard Calf RaiseIn the living room: The Vacuum Lunge Pillow Plump and PumpWhile doing laundry : Detergent Bottle Dumbbells The Laundry Leg LiftWith Taskercise, you can stay active anywhere: in the car, at the playground, in the supermarket, on an airplane, at the pool, and at the gas station. In addition, dozens of healthy, kid-friendly recipes make cLEAN eating possible for the whole family. Get more out of life with The cLEAN Momma Workout, and discover how easy it is to look and feel great while taking care of everything on a modern family's to-do list.
Publication Date:
26 / 12 / 2012

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