The Coburg Conspiracy

The Coburg Conspiracy by James Conan
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As a wave of anarchist violence sweeps through Europe's capitals, royal circles believe that revolution may be imminent. But an international meeting of security chiefs in London decides such a thing is inconceivable. Complacently, they reject The Coburg Conspiracy, the one report that predicts the inevitable course of events. Its author is Thomas Ryder, former soldier and special political agent with the British Army in India. Ryder has dared think,and describe, the unthinkable: the simultaneous assassination of twenty-nine members of Europe's most powerful extended royal family u the Saxe-Coburgs u including Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, the Tsar of Russia and Queen Victoria herself. If it happens, he argues, a world war will inevitably follow. When a bizarre murder desecrates the Royal Mausoleum at Windsor, Ryder is convinced that his nightmare scenario will become reality u in just eight days' time. But he's about to discover that the bigger the conspiracy the fewer the people who want to believe it.... With Thomas Ryder, James Conan has created a most charismatic new character. Ryder is driven and dangerous: a hunter trained to track and kill, a loyal friend pursued by demons, a seeker of truth and liberty, an enemy who never gives up whatever the cost. A hero for all times.
Publication Date:
02 / 05 / 2011

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