The Complete Idiot's Guide To Living With Breast Cancer

The Complete Idiot's Guide To Living With Breast Cancer by Sharon Sorenson & Suzanne Metzger
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189 x 232mm

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Part of the 'Complete Idiot's Guide' series.

Breast cancer today is one of the most survivable forms of cancer for women. It also is one of the most physically and psychologically scarring. Every day, hundreds of doctors send their "cured" patients home - back to their families and friends - and these cured women must learn how to face their lives, families and friends from a very different perspective. Every day may hold worries about whether or not the cancer will recur. Ongoing treatments such as chemotherapy or other drug treatments cause a disruption that can be hard for kids, spouses, and friends to understand.

This book is the book to answer the practical, everyday life questions that every breast cancer patient or loved one has. How do you tell your husband? Should you wait and tell your family until you know test results? How do you talk to your doctor? Should you try to keep working? What are the real life ways to get through chemotherapy? And most importantly, how do you find in-person support groups, a therapist or online support?

This book deals with the daily life issues - and gives the real life insight to this life changing disease and treatments. Our own team of survivors sums it up best: "This book shares all the things I wish someone had told me." As an in-print support group, the 'Complete Idiot's Guide' provides information, recommendations, tips and inspiration for everything from that first biopsy to mastectomy to the five-year check-up.
Publication Date:
15 / 09 / 2000
189 x 232mm

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