The Complete Idiot's Guide To Making Millions On The Internet

The Complete Idiot's Guide To Making Millions On The Internet by Rod Underhill & Nat Gertler

187 x 230 x 20mm

Part of the 'Complete Idiot's Guide' series.
Includes Web Site.

This book gives you the background on what Internet business and e-commerce are, with examples of how dozens of online businesses achieved their success. It explains how to come up with an e-business idea, or how to join in on someone else's new e-business.

The book also explores the steps involved in turning an online business into an online success, and what success actually means in a field where companies are often valued by their popularity rather than their profits. It then explains how to turn success into big piles of cash through selling out, issuing stock, or exercising stock options. It offers pointers and tips for turning an existing standard business into a thriving online one.

Rod Underhill brings the actual site-founding expertise to the project whereas Nat Gertler contributes Internet savvy and puts the information into an easily-read, conversational tone. They include an online chat site for those looking to link up with others to create Internet startups.

Ideal for those without much business experience as well as those with non-Internet business experience; and especially for those who have heard about the vast online success stories but who do not yet have a full understanding of how all this money is being made.

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