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    The Crikey Guide To The 2007 Federal Election

    By: Private Media Partners

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    How can you vote when you don't understand the game? With the 2007 federal election looming, the insiders from leading Australian independent media outlet Crikey explain how the system works and how the pollies are working the system. As Howard attempts a fifth successive term and Rudd hopes to lead a reinvigorated Labor back from the wilderness, Christian Kerr and the Crikey team identify the power players of the election campaign and explain the significance of polling, the press gallery and lobbyists. They profile the electorates which hold the key to winning government and provide a thumbnail guide to every seat for election night. Political luminaries Malcolm Fraser, Neal Blewett, Fred Chaney and Senator Barnaby Joyce join in to reverse the spin of modern electioneering. The CrikeyGuide to the 2007 Federal Election helps you see through the dog-whistling, pork-barrelling, mud-slinging, bub-wrangling, choking smoke and highly polished mirrors of the Australian political process.

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