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    For twenty years, the once proud lands of Eriador have lain, conquered and
    suffering, under the despotic and demonic power of the evil Wizard-King Greensparrow
    and his legions of monstrous cyclops soldiers. The dwarves and Fairborn elves
    are slaves; humans fare little better.

    Arena fighter Luthien Bedwyr is too young and privileged to understand Greensparrow's
    oppression. Then one night he seeks justice for a friend's murder, only to find
    himself a fugitive, pursued by Greensparrow's thugs.

    It is a flight that will turn into grand adventure, a magical odyssey full
    of sorcery and danger as he embarks upon a quest to free the masses from the
    excesses of Greensparrow's henchmen, thereby becoming a legendary hero...

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