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    The fortress city of Montfort has been liberated and restored to its true name, Caer MacDonald, but for how long? Luthien Bedwyr and his comrades have no time to celebrate. The humans, elves and dwarfs of their peasant revolution have captured a city. Their nemesis, the demonic Wizard-King Greensparrow, has conquered most of the world.

    To quell the "minor riot" Greensparrow sends the smallest division of his Praetorian Guard: the eleven-thousand killer cyclopian warriors vastly outnumber the defenders of Caer MacDonald.

    Against such impossible odds, Luthien's only advantage lies in Eriador's harsh winter; his only chance lies in rousing the fierce tribes of Eriador's wild countryside to his cause; and his only hope lies in finding the mysterious mage who once helped him recover the legendary sword and cape of the Crimson Shadow.

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