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    The Darkest Hour

    By: Tony Schumacher

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    The year is 1946. Nazi Germany has conquered the British, and now forcefully occupies the country and controls its citizens. John Henry Rossett, a decorated British war hero for the Allies and former police Sergeant, has been reassigned to the Office of Jewish Affairs. Built on Nazi ideology, it is a department strictly under the control of the SS, one of the largest and most powerful organizations in the Third Reich. Rossett, a man accustomed to obeying commands but also one who has lost everything in the war-including his wife and child-is given no chance to ask questions, no chance to turn it down. Ultimately, he has no choice in the matter. So he gets on with his job of rounding up Jews, some of whom he's known his whole life, for deportation. That is until he finds Jacob, a young Jewish boy, hiding in an abandoned building and everything changes.

    Determined to protect the child, Rossett finds himself on the run, the quarry of not only the Germans but also the Royalist resistance and the Communists. Each faction has its own agenda and Rossett will soon learn that none of them can be trusted . . . and all of them are lethal.

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