The Day I Shot Cupid: The Smart Girls Guide to Dating

The Day I Shot Cupid: The Smart Girls Guide to Dating by Jennifer Love Hewitt
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128 x 198mm
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Funny and quirky, with a surprisingly wicked sense of humour, America's sweetheart, actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, offers empowering love and dating advice from the battlefield. She dishes on her own love life - now 30 and coming into her own - with a confidential/conspiratorial tone. From varicose veins to aging to loving yourself and your body as it is, she inspires self-confidence and girl power ... with a twist.

Each chapter in the book begins with a personal story about her love experiences. Hewitt has been in the media spotlight since her teens appearing on Party of Five at sixteen; her relationships have been tabloid fodder, and worse, her breakups have been dissected and splashed across magazine covers. Once called a 'serial dater', she knows what it means to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.

In her book, she puts a light-hearted, sassy, even a little bawdy spin on the age-old question what do women really want ('We can no longer assume men know what we want ... they don't!'). She examines the new rules and landscape of modern dating: text flirting, IM-ing, dating long-distance or dating someone who just makes you feel like he's long-distance! Her advice will appeal to every independent, smart, romantic, girly, bossy, indecisive woman who ever wondered how she can be true to herself and still find the man of her dreams.
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2010
128 x 198mm

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