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    The Devil Will Come

    By: Glenn Cooper

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    A DEADLY SECRET IS REVEALED in Rome when a cave-in at the prehistoric Catacombs of St. Callixtus exposes an ancient gallery decorated with bizarre astrological symbols. It is a young archeology student who makes the discovery, but this is no archeological breakthrough. Rather than receiving accolades and fame Elisabetta Celestino is treated to a savage attack, one in which her boyfriend is killed. And so her findings vanish and the truth remains hidden, lost to the pain of a silenced girl. Years pass and the mystery is all but forgotten when a second cave-in at the Catacombs reveals yet another chamber, a columbarium, bigger than the first, and adorned with markings similar to those discovered by Elisabetta. But this chamber contains something more. Something that will change the world forever. As the sole expert in these symbols Elizabetta must now join with the enemy to make some sense of this provocative discovery, forced into helping those that stole her young life from her. No one can deny the Vatican. Soon Elisabetta is plunged into a complex conspiracy that spans time. As she struggles to survive a dangerous, life-threatening mission her investigation takes her from the turbulent world of Emperor Nero's 1st century Rome to the political hotbed of Elizabethan England. There she uncovers a dark and deliberate plot that would destabilize the fundamental tenets of our world.

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