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    The Discipline Of Market Leaders

    By: Michael Treacy & Fred Wiersema

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    Choose Your Customers, Narrow Your Focus, Dominate Your Market.

    Why is it that Casio can sell a calculator more cheaply than Kellogg's can sell a box of cornflakes? Why can FedEx "absolutely, positively" deliver your package overnight but airlines have trouble keeping track of your bags? How is it that some companies are reinventing competition in their markets - setting new standards of quality, innovation and customer service - while others are seemingly oblivious to the changing world around them?

    This book presents a deceptively simple thesis: that successful companies excel at delivering one type of value to their chosen customers. The key focus. Market leaders choose a single "value discipline" - best total cost, best product, or best total solution - and literally build their organisation around it.

    Through detailed case studies of some of the world's best-known companies, the authors examine the implications of each discipline from an operating standpoint, offering step-by-step guidance on choosing and implementing the right one, which will enable companies to stake their claim to market leadership.

    A chapter featuring European companies, including Marks & Spencer, Whitbread and British Airways, has bee specially written for this edition.

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