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    The Liturgy of the Hours According to the Roman Rite
    Weeks of the Year 6 - 34

    In the Liturgy of the Hours, which the Church from very early times has been accustomed to recite during the course of the day, she fulfils the command of the Lord to pray without ceasing, and while giving praise to God the Father, at the same time she intercedes for the salvation of the world. The Second Council of the Vatican, valuing highly this long-standing custom of the Church and wishing to renew it, took care to have this form of prayer revised so that it could more fittingly be used by the clergy and by other members of the Church in the circumstances of modern life.

    This work has now been completed and has been approved by Pope Paul VI in the Apostolic Constitution. This Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship published this book in the Latin language containing the Liturgy of the Hours as it should be celebrated according to the Roman Rite, and declares this to be the typical edition of the work.

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