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    A medieval tragedy and tale of retribution - 'The Dungeon' is a powerful story from a writer of great skill and potency.

    The setting is medieval Scotland, a land worried by skirmishes and battles on the borders, a land of fortresses and castles in Scotland, England and Wales. We meet Bruce McLennan, a Scottish laird, a man sorely changed by a terrible family tragedy. He is a domineering master, an uncaring landlord, a cruel man, who has his heart set on building himself a castle and a dungeon in which to punish his enemies in the future.

    While the dungeon is being built, McLennan plans a trip to the far ends of the earth. As we follow McLennan on his travels, we witness his buying of Peony, a young girl whom McLennan uses as a slave. He is uncaring, unsympathetic, as he drags her after him across the world. Gradually, knowing no other, Peony develops a kind of affection for her master.

    In Scotland, Peony meets Fin, and a loving friendship develops between them. McLennan, busy fighting off enemies, uses Peony in one of his battles. He loses badly and, blaming her, he decides to throw her in his dungeon as punishment . . . Then unfolds a ghastly scene where Peony finds herself at last in control of her own destiny . . .

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