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    Sam and Rosie's birthdays are coming up soon, and they are having fun putting together a list of what they would like for their birthdays. What they've always wanted is a puppy or a kitten, but their Mum wants to wait until their baby sister is older before adding an animal to the family.

    Before their big birthday party, the two of them go down the pond to play with Sam's new sailing boat. Just as they are fixing the rigging, they hear a splash in the water and see a bag moving around frantically with something seemingly alive in it. To their surprise and delight, they discover a tiny little kitten, shivering and very hungry. Can they keep him without Mummy and Daddy knowing? How will they nurse him back to life? And who would want to throw him in the pond?

    'The Fabulous Four' is a series of books with a moral edge. They centre around John, Sarah, Sam and Rosie, four cousins who spend nearly all their time together.

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