The Fairy Bell Sisters 1 : Silver and the Fairy Ball

The Fairy Bell Sisters 1 : Silver and the Fairy Ball by Margaret McNamara

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197 x 130mm

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Inspired by Tinker Bell, from the book PETER PAN, by J. M. Barrie Before Tinker Bell flew to Never Land and met Peter Pan she lived on Sheepskerry Island in a cosy woodland home with her five fairy sisters - Clara, Golden, Rosie, Silver and Squeak the baby. On the island all young fairies are watched over by a beautiful fairy queen. They go to fairy school to learn important lessons, like how to fly at night, or how to track pesky trolls, as well as how to look after the plants and animals that are their friends. Tinker Bell's little sisters work hard to be good fairies, but there's still plenty of time for tea parties, balls, making new friends and having exciting adventures!Silver is upset to discover that she is too young to go to the fairy ball. It's just not fair! But fairies shouldn't sulk and Silver decides to make her sisters' ball gowns even prettier by secretly sewing on shells, ribbon and jewels. She works all through the night but instead of making the dresses sparkle even brighter, they end up nearly ruined. Her sisters are cross and Silver feels terrible, but a surprise troll attack means she has a chance to save the day and hopefully put things right . . .
Publication Date:
02 / 09 / 2013
197 x 130mm

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