The Fall and Rise of Gordon Coppinger

The Fall and Rise of Gordon Coppinger by David Nobbs
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221 x 153mm

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Meet Sir Gordon Coppinger: globally-successful financier and owner of Canary Wharf's The Coppinger Tower. A control freak, reluctant father, adulterer, and devotee of all things extravagant Gordon appears to flaunt his grandeur to the masses. Living a life surrounded by servants, flatterers, mistresses, and filled with fine wines, Gordon's exclusive world is one without want, but also, as he starts to discover, one without genuine fulfilment.
So when revelations about his loss-making companies and hidden relationships emerge, the glamorous facade begins to crumble, and those around him start to fear the worst. But, much to Gordon's surprise, it is not fear he feels, it is relief.
In this beautifully observed and painfully witty examination of modern British values and the craving for a public fall from grace, David Nobbs gives us a wonderfully touching tale of integrity born out of humiliation. In a world that is built on the crazy principles of wealth and public persona, and which is driven by the desire to attain more, we meet the perfect anti-hero: Gordon Coppinger, a man going quietly sane.
Publication Date:
03 / 12 / 2012
221 x 153mm

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