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    The Fascinating History Of Your Lunch


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    OK, hold everything! Put that sandwich down where you found it! The history of the world is in your lunch box (well, the interesting bits of history anyway).

    Who ate what and what sort of life did they lead? Most importantly, what did they eat for lunch? Fried giant spiders? Guinea pigs? Snails? Fish and chips? Boiled galah with damper? Cheese and salad sandwiches? How did the world get bread, ice-cream, popcorn and chocolate? And who made the first peanut butter, hamburger, pizza or lamington?

    The most important things to learn from history are how people once lived and thought and how that has led to the world we know today. And the most interesting way of understanding history is to look at what we eat.

    In this book, Jackie French shows us how the history of food truly is the history of the world. She takes us on a fascinating tour through history, accompanied by exciting projects and delicious recipes. (Roast wombat or green cheese might not tempt your tastebuds, but how about mandarin cordial, real lamingtons, date scones or banana ice-cream?)

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