The Fertility Diet: Groundbreaking Research Reveals Natural Ways to Boost Ovulation and Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

By: Walter Willett, Jorge Chavarro

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Get pregnant--naturally!

The Fertility Diet reveals startling new research from the landmark Nurses' Health Study, which shows that the food you eat can boost your fertility. The book prescribes ten simple changes in diet and activity that can increase your chances of getting pregnant.These changes include:

Cutting back on red meat and trans fats

Getting protein and iron from veggies and nuts

Choosing whole-fat milk and even ice cream

Drinking coffee, tea, and alcohol in moderation

Losing weight (if needed) and exercising

The Nurses' Health Study exhaustively examined the effects of diet and other lifestyle changes on fertility among nearly 20,000 female nurses. Two of the study's lead researchers translate its groundbreaking findings into changes you can put into practice today, setting the stage for a healthy pregnancy and forming the foundation for an eating strategy that will serve you well for the rest of your life. The Fertility Diet also offers a week's worth of meal plans and delicious recipes that will make following the guildelines easy and tasty.
Publication Date:
27 / 04 / 2009

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