The Fifth Letter

By: Nicola Moriarty

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Joni, Deb, Eden and Trina try to catch up once a year for a girls' getaway. Careers, husbands and babies have pulled these old high-school friends in different directions, and the closeness they once enjoyed is increasingly elusive.

This year, in a bid to revive their intimacy they each share a secret in an anonymous letter. But the revelations are unnerving. Then a fifth letter is discovered, venting long-held grudges and murderous thoughts. But who was the author? And which of the friends should be worried?

THE FIFTH LETTER is a searing examination of the bonds of women's friendship groups, the loyalty and honesty they demand, and the pain of ending relationships that once seemed essential but might be outgrown.
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2017
153 x 234mm
The Fifth Letter
I just couldn't put it down! From the first few chapters I was invested. When Joni feels her 3 best friends lives are taking them in a different direction to her own, she's desperate to hold onto them. She sees a chance while they're reminiscing at their annual girls getaway to bring them back to her by sharing in their secrets, like they used to while they were young. So they each write a letter telling the others their secrets. Except one of the ladies, writes two, one superficial, and one with her deepest, darkest secret that she's managed to keep from the others their entire friendship, something that will change everything… From start to finish this book kept me guessing, with all the twists and turns, Nicola Moriarty has blown my expectations out of the water with The Fifth Letter. - Jessy QBD Mt Druitt
Mt Druitt, 28/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
I love a good bit of gossip, so do most of us and this book is great for that. The story follows four childhood friends who have tried to stay close to each other as the years pass and are finding it harder and harder, so they have the idea to go on a holiday together for a good catch up. While on their getaway one of the friends suggests a game to bring them a little closer together, for each of them to write down a secret. What could possible go wrong with revealing you dark secrets to friends? As the secrets are revealed the friendship between these friends if pushed to it's limits especially when one of the four women finds a fifth letter more horrible then the original four letters. This story will keep you guessing, How will this effect their lives? Will these women be able to stay friends? and Who wrote the fifth letter? If you like a good drama then this book if for you. - Jess, QBD Indooroopilly
Indooroopilly, 28/02/2017
Incredible storytelling runs in the Moriarty family, as Nicola joins her older sisters Liane and Jaclyn in spinning a good story. The Fifth Letter will have you questioning just how well you know your friends - and wonder if any of them are wishing you harm! I could not put this book down, as I was trying to piece together which of the four friends was hiding her true feelings. One of those books I immediately want to re-read, to find all the clues!- Sandy, QBD Strathpine
Strathpine, 28/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
Likers of Liane Moriarty will enjoy this book as the intertwined stories of 4 women are told in flashback. Each woman has her own secret that is brought to light throughout the book as a mystery unravels. Rachael - QBD Liverpool
Liverpool, 28/02/2017
Following in the footsteps of her sister Liane Moriarty, this book kept me hanging on for every last word.The book follows the lives of four friends who decide to write letters divulging their most intimate secrets. When a fifth letter is found you can't help but wonder who wrote it and why? This book will keep you reading until the last page, with twists you never saw coming. It explores the value we put on friendships, especially long standing ones. - Elizabeth, QBD Macarthur Square
QBD, 28/02/2017
The Fifth Letterr
I had very high expectations for this book as I am a big fan of Liane Moriarty's books (Nicola's sister). I was glad that Nicola did a very commendable job. Nicola demonstrated keen observations of how women relate within relationships especially long term friendships with other women. How we can love each other while not liking each other. How we can be competitive, perceptive, truthful, caring, brutal, loyal, secretive and forgiving. A cleverly written book that exposes all the facets and intricacies that real women are in their real live. All this woven into a mystery that compels the reader to keep on reading. A great beach read.- Gillian, QBD Australia Fair
Australia Fair, 27/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
I know it's intended to be just a silly, light read, but I didn't enjoy this book. I managed to finish it easily in an afternoon, so it's not unreadable and clips along at a fair pace, it's just not my preferred genre or style. Why didn't I like it? The friendships upon which the story pivots are childish and mean-spirited at their heart. The characters are not blessed with intelligence and their motivations are generally painfully transparent or whimsically inscrutable, making them all seem a little unhinged. Their behaviour beggars belief; I cannot think of any fully-functioning adult women who would play a game involving secret letters and generally behave like a bunch of adolescents. The friends are lacking in intrinsic impetus, driven instead by jealousy of and competition with each other and it's disappointing to see a female author portray women in this way. The narrative device of the patient priest obligingly listening to nonsensical personal dramas in the confessional is downright strange and does not really mesh well with the storytelling. While I greatly enjoy reading books propelled by political intrigue, this is not that. I realise that different things appeal to different people, so if I think about the intended audience for this novel, I would recommend it as a light, fun read if you enjoy gossip and TV soaps. Fans of big sister Liane's books, as well as those of Jodi Picoult, should also like this one. - Marica, QBD Campbelltown
Campbelltown, 27/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
I actually quite enjoyed this book. The first little bit seemed irrelevant, and there were a few cringe-y moments, but I genuinely wanted to find out who wrote the fifth letter and what was going to happen! I got through this book in less than 24 hours so if anyone is looking for a quick, easy read at work, I'll definitely recommend it. Jackie, Chatswood
Chatswood, 27/02/2017
Explosive. Intriguing. Unexpected. The Fifth Letter.
Talent must run in the Moriarty family tree! Nicola Moriarty (sister of best-seller Liane Moriarty) debuts with a beautifully written novel that weaves a riveting tale of rocky friendships and explosive secrets. This is the story of four high school friends that have been through thick and thin together as a group. But their lives are getting busy and their friendships aren't as strong as they once were... Four letters are written in an attempt to get back on the same level. But Joni finds a fifth letter. A fifth letter with a devastating secret that will question everything. With a plot that will intrigue you from the moment you open it, this book is perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty, Danielle Steele and Jodi Picoult. Careful though, The Fifth Letter is bound to keep you up all night until you get to that last page...
QBD, 27/02/2017
I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough!
As soon as I saw one of my all time favourite authors Susan Elizabeth Phillips raving about the Fifth Letter I knew it would be a winner. That woman has spectacular taste after all! Brimming with humour and intrigue, lifelong friends Joni, Deb, Eden and Trina must unravel a hate-filled plot that puts one of them in a killers sights. The Fifth Letter is one of my favourite books this year.-Tiffany, QBD Werribee
Werribee, 27/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
Straying from my usual genre, I was pleasantly surprised by this novel. Although it took me a little while to get into, the twists and turns that soon unraveled had me needing to know more. It is an easy, engaging read that explores the friendship of four women and how their lives have been turned upside down by one unnerving secret. - Cassie, QBD Knox City
QBD, 27/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
Secrets, betrayal and friendship are explored in Nicola Moriarty's novel The Fifth Letter. Moriarty considers the complexities of friendship and the impact of physical and emotional distance on relationships. Silently brewing, long hidden grudges and revenge underpin the long-surviving friendship between four women who met in high school. The intertwining stories are well crafted and yet the characterization is lacking development and depth. It can be difficult at times to sympathise with the protagonist and yet it is a novel that captivates your interest.- Melanie, QBD Wollongong
Wollongong, 27/02/2017
Fifth Letter
Keep going! One more chapter! It's only 2am! I have to know how this ends! These were all the thoughts spiraling through my mind as I got lost within the pages of The Fifth Letter. Secrets, lies and intrigue delicately mixed together with humor and romance kept me glued to the story as the long time friendships of the four characters began to slowly unravel. Though similar to her older sister Liane Moriarty's work, Nicola Moriarty certainly holds her own as an enchanting author throughout the tale that is The Fifth Letter. - Caitlyn, QBD Werribee
Werribee, 27/02/2017
Nicola Moriarty follows in her sister's (Jaclyn and Liane Moriarty) footsteps with The Fifth Letter: a compelling and engaging drama involving four high school friends. You might think you know all there is to know about the people you've been friends with for over 20 years, but what happens if one of them is harbouring a dark secret that could potentially harm one of you? The Fifth Letter was an enjoyable read, with twists and turns at every corner. This is a book for people who enjoy writers such as Jodi Picoult, Liane Moriarty, and Wendy James. - Andree, QBD Woodgrove
Woodgrove, 27/02/2017
Sorry to have to say this but definitely not up to the Moriarty writing standard.This was boring to read & I ended up skimming the pages, desperately waiting for something amazing or average (I'm not fussy)to change my mind, but id didn't happen!! Characters lacked personality and were basically not that interesting to get to know.- Tracey, QBD Knox City
QBD, 27/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
What fun and suspense! Nicola Moriarty does not disappoint and certainly lives up to her sister's new-found fame. Settling down with a glass of wine and this book was definitely an evening well spent. I couldn't put it down until I had discovered all the twists and turns Moriarty could offer! As Joni, Deb, Eden, and Trina catch up on their girls getaway they each share a secret via an anonymous letter. However, the holiday takes a dark turn when a fifth letter is discovered which details long suffered hatreds and murderous thoughts. Who wrote the letter? And who does it target? This book was a funny and dark read full of bright, sparkling prose and well thought out observations about the way women relate to each other and the pressures of modern life on relationships. I was left thinking about my relationships with my friends, what secrets I keep, and what secrets they could be keeping from me. Definitely a book for lovers of Liane Moriarty or Jodi Picoult!- Bronte, QBD Brisbane City
Brisbane City, 27/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
My expectations for this book were high. Being a Liane Moriarty follower, I wanted her sisters writing to be just as good. I wasn't disappointed. Although their character range is similar their plot lines and writing styles are completely different. The Fifth Letter was a light and easy read, despite being centered around drama. If you want a book you can lose yourself in for a day, a book that will keep you guessing as you turn the pages then this book is perfect for you! - Chaille, QBD Highpoint
QBD - Highpoint, 27/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
I didn't really find any of the main characters engaging, and yet I was turning the page wanting, or more accurately, needing to know who wrote the 'fifth letter'. An easy read, not overly complex but pleasantly captivating. - Jess, QBD West Lakes
QBD, 27/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
A DARE BETWEEN BEST FRIENDS GOES WRONG... On a wine fueled girls night in, four best friends dare one another to write anonymous letters, spilling their deepest, darkest secrets. Nobody anticipated the secrets that would be revealed. Troubled marriages... substance abuse problems... secret pregnancies... and more! But then they find a fifth letter... an extra letter with an unknown author, full of vicious anger, resentment and a deeply held grudge. What follows is chick lit at its finest... exploring and exposing the inner workings of female friendship, particularly the dark side. Sister of Liane Moriarty, Nicola Moriarty has written the perfect beach/bed/weekend/holiday/anywhere/anytime read! - Crystal, QBD Kawana
QBD Kawana, 27/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
The Fifth Letter is a really enjoyable and easy read that has a fair amount of twists and turns that not only keep you intrigued but also questions how you would react in the same situations. I found it to be written really well, and at times I did find myself losing track of time. The story of the fifth letter follows Joni, one of a extremely close group of friends as she recounts to a priest the most recent holiday she took with her closest friends: Deb, Trina and Eden. Each of the girls write an anonymous letter that bars open their closest secrets, providing an avenue to escape back to their childhood. Initially, this starts off as some fun, but then a fifth letter comes into play, which contains the deep dark secrets that one of the girls has kept. The recounting of the holiday to the priest provides Joni with the opportunity to work out who actually wrote the letter, culminating in an epic twist that no one saw coming.
Browns Plains, 27/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
On an annual group holiday of four childhood friends, things get interesting when, as a way to get the four women to feel more connected again as friends, they decide to share a secret each, that the group doesn't know. A fifth letter that is found that has unsettling content. A seething confession of growing hate towards one of the other women in the group. The Fifth Letter explores the dynamics of friendship, jealousy and feelings of resentment when sometimes a friendship outruns it's natural course.- Chrystina, QBD Mt Ommaney
Mt Ommaney, 27/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
A sister of the bankable publishing sensation-of-the-moment Liane Moriarty now has her own first novel and a substantial shadow to emerge from. Much of the book felt like it could have been Liane herself, but lighter, like the difference between a decent light beer and a solid full strength one. And while the cut-away sections of in-story text in Wendy James' 'The Golden Child' worked seamlessly, the same kind of technique came off as unnecessary and a little hackneyed here. Having said all this, readers of these kinds of suburban relationship-dramas (melodramas?) will enjoy the flavour and relish the reveals, if not, perhaps, the overall substance.
Doncaster, 27/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
“The Fifth Letter” follows the story of high school friends Joni, Deb, Eden and Trina who have known each other for twenty years. Each thinks they know everything about the others, having grown up together through marriage, children and career changes. They keep their friendship going by catching up regularly and having annual girls only holidays. Yet, do we ever really know anyone as well as we may think? At least one of the girls is hiding a dark secret that has festered since childhood. Joni is starting to feel the group drifting apart so encourages them to go on another holiday together. Nerves are frayed, secrets exposed via anonymous letters, and one extra letter is discovered listing murderous thoughts toward one of the group. Who is the mysterious author and her intended victim? A delightful read for fans of Liane Moriarty. Having read “The Husbands Secret” I could see similarities in writing style between the sisters. -Kerryn, QBD Northland
QBD the bookshop, 27/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
3.5 stars. It was a solid 2-2.5 until about halfway through when the plot actually picked up. I did find it frustrating to read as none of the characters were particularly likeable and I found it hard to sympathise with any of them, but as the story progressed I definitely found myself wanting to finish it to see what happened as all the secrets and scandals started to come out. I speed-read the last quarter because I needed to know!
Chatswood, 27/02/2017
A great book for travelling!
Reminiscent of her sister Liane's writing, Nicola Moriarty is a much lighter read but with most of the same quality. A good read for a holiday or that sneaky little week off work, you'll start reading and just power through it! Following the recent trend of domestic suspense writing with powerful female protagonists, Moriarty examines women's friendship in a new light, with all of its twists and turns, it'll have you asking how well you truly know your friends.
QBD Eastland, 27/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
Do you really want to know secrets from your friends? It made me wonder if I could handle the truth from my friends and would it ruin our friendship. This is a light easy read that would be great for anyone on holiday or their day off. For a debut author is was an engaging first attempt, hopefully her next book will be an improvement.
Pacific Fair, 27/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
An intriguing examination of friendships and how we can outgrow them overtime. A long held secret kept and exposed via a seemingly innocent letter writing game sets the scene for a thrilling read. -Louise, QBD Fountain Gate
QBD, 27/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
The Fifth Letter has themes of friendship, relationships and family life with twists to keep you entertained. It was an interesting read that sucked you in within the first few chapters. Nicola Moriarty started this story off with Joni in a confession, quite an interesting start that got me to hooked on reading this book. It was an interesting read to see longtime friendship between four women began to slowly unravel piece by piece. I must say that the ending was very different to what I was expecting. The blurb in the back hinted at dark tones though when reading I found that is was also quite light-hearted. - Cassie, QBD Darwin
Darwin, 27/02/2017
Letters and secrets
Most people leave high school and escape the secrets and malice they feel towards their friends. But what happens when you can't let go of those feelings for your lifelong friends? When one of those friends suggests writing anonymous letters to each other, what would you write? The Fifth Letter explores this through an expertly crafted plot by Australian author, Nicola Moriarty. Moriarty creates characters so familiar, that they are easy to empathise with, yet their dark secrets are all too relatable for comfort... Every twist, turn and betrayal is felt by character and reader alike as the protagonist, Joni, struggles her way through the book, attempting to figure out the author of a sinister letter. Nicola Morriarty's latest book proves that the Moriarty family are a group of truly talented and unique writers. Liane should watch her back! - Karina, QBD Belconnen
Belconnen, 27/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
I really liked what The Fifth Letter offered. The main character Joni, was the one I could understand the most. It's about sharing secrets that four lifelong friends have obviously not wanted to tell each other for years. Each woman writes an anonymous letter, sharing the things that are really going on in their lives. It results in guessing games, fall-outs and trust issues. This is a book that really explores how deep the loyalties lie in true friendship. - Jo, QBD Runaway Bay
QBD, 26/02/2017
Fifth Letter
Another domestic melodrama in the vein of Jodi Picoult and Marian Keyes, you’ll like if you want a simple chick-lit mystery. A story most can relate to, full of gossip and the trials of staying connected with friend in hectic lives. It makes you second guess your closest friends and what they truly think about you. You never know what's truly happening behind closed doors... While I did not overly enjoy the read, it would be very popular with those who have liked the HBO series Big Little Lies based of Liane Moriarty Best Seller. -Sarah, QBD Marion
Marion, 26/02/2017
The Fifth letter
The Fifth letter is the compelling Debut novel by author Nicola Moriarty. From the First chapter this book will have you hooked, wanting to find out "Who wrote the fifth letter?"and "What does the letter say?". As decade old grudges and secrets are unearthed The Fifth letter takes you on a journey through the very real issues of juggling high school friendships and developing family lives. For fans of chick-lit and Liane Moriarty this is a must read! - Jess, Australia Fair
Australia Fair, 26/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
I picked up this book expecting an easily digestible mystery, but being women's fiction it was apparent quite quickly that The Fifth Letter would not be able to keep my interest. Although I was entertained enough to continue reading and find out which of the friends wrote the murderous note, this story quickly became dull, uninteresting and repetitive. I could not get into this book, but then again it did not appeal to any of my tastes in fiction. anybody who enjoys a simple, easy read will enjoy this book. - Ashley, QBD Elizabeth
QBD, 26/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
For me personally this debut novel by Nicola Moriarty is a perfect stepping stone into women's fiction, as a single male approaching the age of 30 this novel took me into the unknown of females and marriage. The fifth letter starts with four best friends since school days attending their annual girls only holiday. They all decide that they don't communicate as often as they used too, and have grown apart from one another. So between the group the women decide to play a game of secrets, each woman writes a letter containing a secret no one has previously told each other. Unbeknownst to the group one of the women writes and prints a fifth letter, which then instigates some intense issues between the group. The fifth letter is not a story to be missed out on, filled with enough drama to keep the pages burning through your fingers. -Aaron, QBD Tuggerah
Tuggerah, 26/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
What makes a great book well here it is.....Best friends, secrets add a splash of psycho and a twisted ending. Everyone has a secret but do we share it? Here is a book that not only keeps you on edge but also gives you a giggle or two with a twist of OMG. I might even write a letter with a secret but not sure if I'll share it. But share this book with my friends? Definitely. -Karen, QBD Runaway Bay
QBD, 25/02/2017
Pleasantly surprised
I started this book feeling like I would need to keep reminding myself that it's not the other Moriarty sister that we know so well and I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't come up once. I think this says a lot for a writer wanting to stand on her own merits even with the same surname. Try it for yourself - you might just be surprised too... -Melanie, QBD Tea Tree Plaza
Tea Tree, 25/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
When four lifelong friends have a weekend away, they write anonymous letters meant to bring them closer together. When a fifth letter is discovered, secrets come out and their bond is pushed to its limits. With relatable characters and issues, Nicola Moriarty's latest novel is a dramatic page turner about female friendship and dealing with personal demons. - Renee, QBD Penrith
QBD, 25/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
Author Nicola is the younger of the three Moriarty sisters (authors Jaclyn and Liane Moriarty), but is just as talented! This book turns womens friendships on its head!The “best friends forever” concept and “women tell each other everything” idea will go out the window with each turn of the page. Four friends, but five letters with secret confessions! Boy, that had me intrigued when I saw that! This is a mystery that kept me guessing and contemplating my own friendships. Reading this kept me motivated while I was at home sick. - Belinda, QBD Charlestown
Charlestown, 25/02/2017
Fifth Letter
As a Liane Moriarty fan her sisters book was a must read and I wasn’t disappointed. The 5th letter is a great insight into high school friendships and whether they can last through adulthood,marriages,babies.It shows that insecurities,jealousy and secrets do not end when school does and sometimes fester to boiling point. Joni is the main narrator of the story and her confessions to the priest are a highlight and the same priest making a surprise inclusion in the end is very well received. These characters are so relate-able and I found myself thinking I wonder which one I am in my group of friends.. -Mel, QBD Blacktown
Blacktown, 25/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
Wow!! What an amazing new novel from Nicola Moriarty. I was hooked from page 1 to the very end.With so many twists through out,this is one book that has me so excited to tell anyone who listens!!- Sal, QBD Hurstville
Hurstville, 25/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
From the sister of popular "chick-lit" author Liane Moriarty comes an intriguing story of the highs and lows of friendship. As the years go on, Joni, Deb, Eden and Trina are slowly drifting apart and on their annual vacation together, their relationship explodes after a wine-filled night turns into utter destruction as dark secrets and grudges come to the surface after decades of friendship. This is pure escapism...that at some or different times in our lives we can all relate to! "The Fifth Letter" by Nicola Moriarty is a must read for the fans of Liane Moriarty, or.... if you are in need of a captivating holiday read this one is for you! - Leisha, QBD Loganholme
Loganholme, 25/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
From the first chapter, you are made to feel as though you're sitting next to the priest as Joni tells of the events that have bought her to the confessional. A tale that will take a sharp turn or two and make you wonder just how well you know your own friends. Make sure your schedule is clear, because you won't want to put this down until the very last page.- Tracey, QBD Maroochydore
Maroochydore, 24/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
The Fifth Letter is the debut novel from Nicola Moriarty, and makes a perfect read for fans of sister Liane, who may have already finished all of her books and are searching for another compelling domestic drama. The Fifth Letter tells the story of four high school friends, who over the years have maintained their friendship but feel as though they need to make time for a proper reunion. During a girls weekend away, they decide that the best way share all the secrets they need to get off their chests is in the form of four anonymous letters, to be revealed at different times during the trip. While many of the secrets are shocking in their own right, none compare to the fifth letter, discovered in the fire place after a failed attempt to dispose of it. Which of these women could have written a letter so full of hate and resentment? My favourite part of this book was the guessing game you could play with yourself, trying to figure out who write which letter, and most importantly, who wrote the fifth letter? A great read that makes you wonder; do you ever really know your friends?- Cassie, QBD Marion
Marion, 24/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
An entertaining story about four, adult high school friends who get into a troubling situation at a get-together. Things get ugly and (seemingly) long term friendships are tested. This was a good mix of drama, secrets and lies with a really impressive twist. - Rose, QBD Chermside
Chermside, 24/02/2017
Compelling Australian drama
Nicola Moriarty's 'Fifth Letter' is a real page turner! I had to resist the urge to binge the last couple of chapters – this is despite not really liking ANY of the characters. The book was certainly very readable. Will keep an eye out for her in the future - Amy, QBD Morayfield
Morayfield, 24/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
How well do you know your friends? Niccola Moriarty has spun an enticing story about friendship, family and secrets that I read in a day! Four letters; four secrets; could there be more? A hidden fifth letter not meant to be seen, seems set to devastate their lives. It was an easy and enjoyable read that's a must for all Liane Moriarty fans! - Maxine, QBD Robina
Robina, 24/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
The Fifth Letter is a quick easy fast paced fiction read. What kept me wanting to read more was the letters the girls wrote. All the girls secrets and lies unfolding in front of each other was intriguing and kept me glued to the book. If you like lots of drama and a bit of romance look no further, definitely worth the read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Garden City, 24/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
I was reluctant to pick this book up, having read her sister Liane Moriarty, I couldn't see how Nicola would compare. But I am glad I did. Each letter changed what I thought and left me devouring the book searching for answers. Where did the fifth letter come from? As all the good thrillers, don't try and guess just go along for the roller-coaster as it will catch you by surprise. If you are like me and just finished "The Girl Before" by JP Delaney, or read the "Girl on a Train" by Paula Hawkins you will enjoy the "Fifth Letter"
Canberra Centre, 24/02/2017
The Fifth Letter by Nicola Moriarty
The Fifth letter reminds me of Mount Vesuvius. It builds and builds until there is a mighty eruption. Then when you think it is settling down, it erupts again and again. The letter mystery is the main theme but there a lot of smaller twists and turns built around that to help you get totally caught up in the storyline. I thought there was one unnecessary twist towards the end of the book, but other people might think differently. I would class it as a light-hearted and easy read, so it's not hard to get completely immersed in the storyline. However there are some dark undertones in the book as well that help make it a compelling read. The Fifth Letter will have you thinking about the book long after you have finished it. - Peter, QBD Epping
Epping, 23/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
I should forewarn you, when you sit down to read Nicola Moriarty’s The Fifth Letter, make sure you’re comfortable with a cup of coffee and some snacks at hand, because once you start reading you won’t be able to stop. The characters are so skilfully crafted, these four women could be you and your high-school friends. Each one has their strengths and their flaws, every reader will be able to see themselves in at least one of the main characters. As for the plot, this one’s got more twists in it than a bag of Twisties! If you think you can guess who wrote the fifth letter, I promise it will shock you - Sherlock Holmes himself couldn’t have picked it. Most of all though, it is the friendship between the four women that makes this book stand out. The strength of their bond is so tangible and real, it’s impossible to get through the story without feeling the need to call all your oldest, dearest friends just to have a chat. That’s what Moriarty’s The Fifth Letter does: reminds us that some friendships are unbreakable and those are the ones we should cherish the most. - Meg, QBD Hornsby
Hornsby, 21/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
Although this is not the type of book I normally pick up I found the Fifth Letter to be quite an enjoyable read. It is a light read with a strong mystery running through it, which keeps the story going. Even though the plot was promising I found the story to be a little simple at times. Will appeal to Fans of Liane Moriarty and anyone looking for some easy summer reading. - Lynda, QBD Tuggerah
Tuggerah, 21/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
Definitely a good curl up and read in one sitting book. Hidden secrets and half truths between four long time friends will definitely test friendship and loyalty. Just to find out the contents of the fifth letter will keep you engaged to the end. I especially enjoyed Joni's recounting of the dramas to the priest in the confessional. Altogether anentertaining read with twists to keep one guessing.- Gina, QBD Carindale
Carindale, 21/02/2017
Quick and satisfying read
Confession: I am a very slow reader. It can take me a week to read 200 pages. So there's definitely something to be said for The Fifth Letter, which I read in one sitting throughout the night and only put down at 5AM when I reached the last page. There were things I didn't love about it - the characters are extremely unlikable, and some plot points seemed a bit unnecessary or unrealistic - but it was still a quick, compelling read, with a satisfying ending. And again, there's always something to be said for a book that can keep you awake until dawn! - Maddie
Toombul, 19/02/2017
The Fifth Letter
I almost had to read this just out of sheer curiosity - firstly because when a popular author's relative releases a book, I just have to know how they compare and secondly because, well, darn it, I needed to know who wrote that fifth letter! The story itself had me on the edge of my seat the entire time, reeling me in carefully with flashbacks and snippets of the offending letter that kept the pace of the story moving smoothly in unique ways. I love how the blend of different characters work well together; these are just average, every day people like you and me which makes the shocking reveal all the more juicy! I loved every second of this book and let me tell you Nicola Moriarty goes above and beyond what I expected! I am highly anticipating her next novel! - Karen, QBD Tweed Heads.
Tweed Heads, 19/02/2017
The Fifth Letter- A Must For Both You & Your Bestie!
Nicola Moriarty indulges her reader's with her latest novel, centring around four women as they navigate husbands, children and careers. During their latest annual holiday, the four friends decide to each write an anonymous letter and reveal something about themselves that their friends would not know. As each letter is read aloud in turn, Moriarty begins to peel back the layers of each character as they share their personal secrets and react to each letter's revelations. What at first appears to be a fun and harmless game soon takes a dark turn as a fifth letter is found atop a pile of burning embers. What secret is written across those pages? And why were they trying to destroy it? This novel is one that will keep you reading until the early hours of the morning, unable to resist discovering who the author of the fifth letter is! - Erin, Cairns
Cairns, 18/02/2017
Do not expect to do much else but read...
The Fifth Letter was such a brilliantly written novel that I read it in two days! Truly a book I did not want to put down. I was caught from the get go, trying to figure out who of Joni's friends had written the intriguingly macabre fifth letter. With every letter that was revealed throughout the book and every conflict the women faced I found myself second guessing everything I thought I knew. And the ending is so satisfyingly clever! - Lisa, QBD Canelands
QBD, 16/02/2017

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