The First Sex by Helen Fisher
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151 x 233mm
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The Natural Talents of Women And How They Are Changing the World

This explosive book will change the way you see yourself, your family and the world around you. Drawing on original research, celebrated anthropologist Helen Fisher reveals in 'The First Sex' how woman's natural talents are changing the world, making women ideal leaders and successful shapers of business and society for the twenty-first century.

Through deep evolutionary history, women and men developed different abilities and brain structures. In 'The First Sex', Fisher explores how women's innate superiorities are particularly well adapted to today's global society. Why are women better able to juggle many tasks at once - an important talent for today's executive? How are women changing what we watch on television? How are women changing medicine and the law? The answers lie in prehistory. Fisher shows how the special structure of the female brain enable women to do "web thinking" or "synthesis thinking," compared to men's or linear or "step" thinking, and she shows why this difference in female and male brain structure creates opportunities, and complications, for women in the business world. with anecdotes and stories, Fisher explores how women's special talents - superior verbal abilities, people savvy, acute senses, healing techniques, and more - are geared to success in medicine, education, communications, law, philanthropy, government, and police work. Changes in society are also giving women an advantage: women's unique talents are especially needed in our modern age.

The evolution of women's sexual, romantic, and family lives is also explored as Fisher traces the origins of the differences between the ways men and women love and bond. She discusses new tends in families, maintaining that if there ever was a time when men and women had the opportunity to make fulfilling marriages, that time is now.
Publication Date:
02 / 07 / 1999
151 x 233mm

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