The Food Combining Bible by Jan Dries & Inge Dries
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192 x 265mm

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Your Complete Guide to Using the Hay Diet for Digestive Health and a Balanced Approach to Weight Loss.

"The enzymes of the human digestive system are subject to certain restrictions. If we eat in such a way as to cause these limitations to be exceeded, we suffer digestive problems."

This book is a full-colour comprehensive guide to food combining and the Hay diet. It contains menu plans and many delicious recipes. It makes food combining simple, explaining food combining - what it is and why it works - as well as providing a delicious range of appropriate recipes. The book goes beyond the reach of standard food combining texts by including masses of easy-to-read information about nutrition and how our digestive system works.

'The Food Combining Bible' explains the five different food groups: Protein, Starch, Sugar, Fat, and Acid, showing which foods fit into each category and good combinations to go for and bad combinations to avoid. It also provides a helpful guide to the herbs and spices which can be used in cooking to help with digestion and general health.

Food combining makes everyone feel better - and thousands can testify that food combining makes a difference:
- Eases digestive discomfort, wind and bloating
- Promotes weight loss to achieve ideal weight
- Can relieve skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, itching and acne
- Increases general feelings of well-being, helping to balance mood swings
- Boosts and sustains energy levels
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2002
192 x 265mm

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