The Fourth Estate

The Fourth Estate by Jeffrey Archer
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109 x 177mm

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This is the story of the two most extraordinary men of our time, lives to which only Jeffrey Archer could do justice.

The world's most powerful newspaper barons - which of them will triumph?

At first glance, Richard Armstrong and Keith Townsend seemed to have little in common. One was the son of an illiterate peasant, who emerged from the most backward corner of a Europe ravaged by a bitter war. The other was raised in a mansion on the far side of the world while the war was just another piece of news.

One was a hustler, a thief, ready to change his story, even his identity, if it would gain him a momentary advantage. The other was the scion of a well-known family, groomed for a public role from his earliest years, a rebel who didn't care if anyone approved of what he got up to.

One craved wealth, recognition, status. The other quickly discovered that real power comes from anonymity. But they did have one thing in common. Both of them were gamblers. Both were prepared to risk everything in their battle to control the biggest newspaper empire in the world.
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2008
109 x 177mm
Too close to reality
I enjoyed this book however found it to be quite formulaic, both in its derivation, ie drawn from reality, Maxwell vs Murdoch and its Archer approach, which is basically a battle between two men, similar to other Archer novels such as Kane and Abel. I did enjoy the book but I wouldn't rate it as one of his best.
, 16/12/2008

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