The Fussy Baby Book: Parenting Your High-need Child from Birth to Five

The Fussy Baby Book: Parenting Your High-need Child from Birth to Five  by William Sears
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198 x 208mm

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Parents of fussy or difficult children, take heart, best-selling childcare experts William and Martha Sears have written a book just for you. Drawing on more than twenty years of paediatric practice and their experiences with their own high-need children, they provide:

- Creative ways to soothe a fussy baby

- Information on medical causes of infant fussiness - from infections to food sensitivities

- Effective ways of coping with common high-need personality traits and behaviour

- Proven strategies for discipline - getting connected to your child early, providing structure, setting limits, knowing when to say yes and when to say no

- Tips on learning how to talk and listen

- Real-life stories and advice from parents of high-need children

In The Fussy Baby Book Dr. William and Martha Sears acknowledge the difficulties you face but show you how responsive parenting can turn these challenges into advantages for both you and your child. The Searses prove that difficult children can provide the most rewarding parenting experiences of all.
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2011
198 x 208mm

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