The Gatekeeper

By: Philip Shelby

Date Released

Out of Print

An international assassin is brought out of retirement for one last lethal commission…

His name is Handyman. For fifteen years he's been in hiding, living under an assumed name in a small foreign country, waiting to be called. Now, the call has come. Like Lazarus, he is coming back from the dead. The Handyman has a job to do...

Hollis Fremont works for the American Embassy in Paris. When her lover, the handsome and debonair Paul McGann, one of the most powerful men at the embassy, asks Holly to run a simple diplomatic errand for him to New York, she sees no reason to refuse. But with that small consent starts a sequence of events that threatens the chain of command right up to the President himself , and Holly's own life is the smallest of bargaining chips. The only person who seems on her side is Agent Sam Crawford, member of the mysterious Omega group, a renegade agency that hunts international assassins and answers only to the President. Together, they must find a way to frustrate the Handyman in the biggest assignment of his bloody career...
Publication Date:
30 / 12 / 1999

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