The Girl Watchers Club: Six Old Soldiers And Dispatches From The Battlefields Of Life

The Girl Watchers Club: Six Old Soldiers And Dispatches From The Battlefields Of Life by Harry Stein
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236 x 158mm
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Harry Stein gives us the conversations of a group of older men who meet every week for lunch to reflect on their lives and the state of the world.

What is a well-lived life? What is honour, and does it have a place in our society?

A profound and poignant meditation on the meaning of honour, told through the words of men who lived life according to the forgotten rules of trust and responsibility. From these conversations, Stein shows us men who lived their lives according to values that have since been declared relative or obsolete: honour, responsibility, decency, and an uncynical commitment to being the best men they could be.

Stein presents the stories of this remarkable group of men who lived through the difficult time of the mid-20th century and all its wars and social upheavals. We meet Moe Turner, Stein's father-in-law, a mathematician involved in research on the H-bomb who is Stein's connection to the group. We meet Boyd Huff, a survivor of the Nazi prisoner camps, whose youngest son was killed in a gun accident and oldest is a hospitalised-schizophrenic. We meet Gene Cooper, an electrical engineer and the emotional centre of the group.

These three men, and the rest of the club, have had difficult lives and plenty of trying moments, yet all of them have survived with their sense of right and wrong, of honour and love, fully intact. Stein connects their background, stories and lives, to the valuable views and ideas they share with him now. What the reader comes away with is a renewed sense of purpose, a new confidence in the strength of courage and conviction in your beliefs - even as those of the world change around you.
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2004
236 x 158mm

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