The Great North Road

By: Annabel Dore

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Two newborn babies abandoned; two remarkable women, bound together and torn apart by a decision that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Peopled by a multitude of unforgettable characters and distinguished by its originality and compassion, The Great North Road is a searing and addictive debut novel. A dark and sumptuous tale of murder and madness, love and hate, and the wildness of the human heart.

Greta Korda is fleeing her sadistic husband, Dick; Sylvia Sharp, no more than a child herself, is overwhelmed by the circumstances she finds herself in, and burdened by delusions that grow more shattering by the day. As the years go by, Sylvia realises that her older companion is not who she appears to be, while Greta (if that is her name) begins to fear that the bonds of motherhood are not so easily severed. Sylvia's love for her abandoned daughter draws her back to her estranged family – to the boy she still loves and the world she left behind.

But is little Alice really Sylvia's? And is baby Jan Greta's?

When the monstrous Dick Korda resurfaces, maddened by drink and hungry for vengeance, Greta knows he'll stop at nothing to reclaim the child he thinks is his.
Publication Date:
03 / 09 / 2007

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