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    The Happy Hunting Grounds

    By: Nanne Tepper

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    Teenagers Lisa and Victor are closer than a brother and sister have any right to be. So close that they smother and suffocate one another, yanking and wrestling their lives and emotions into a tangled knot. In the flat, damp wooded fen that is their homeland, while their sarcastic father and impotent mother recede from influence, Lisa and Victor grow into loud, aggressive, foul-mouthed loners who are able to find peace and comfort only when alone together - at school, at home, in bed . . .

    Fearful of and drawn to exposure all at once, the intensity of their incestuous relationship - and of their sensitivities and frustrations - requires a dramatic outcome. 'The Happy Hunting Grounds' is a long, long day's journey into night, an unnervingly compelling tale from the marshy great plains of the northern Netherlands.

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