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    By: Gabe Mirkin & Diana Mirkin

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    The author of the successful '20/30 Fat & Fiber Diet Plan' shares his dramatic heart health program, achieving significant improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol in as little as 8 weeks. An 8-week program for heart health that offers a simple, effective solution for significant and lasting healthy heart results.

    Dr Mirkin's week by week program of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes is based on the latest research on the causes/prevention of heart disease - much of it never before codified in book form - and is consistent with the dietary guidelines of the American Heart Association and The American Diabetes Association. This program is easier to follow than Dr Mirkin's bestselling 20/30 plan, which demanded counting fat and fiber grams.

    The book features:
    - 8-week plan geared to quick results
    - Lifestyle program for long-term health
    - Weekly menus for easy meal planning and shopping
    - Delicious recipes for veggie, whole grain, and bean dishes
    - The latest on exercise: hard days, easy days, and days off . . . the best time to exercise, and more
    - Weight program - strong muscles in just 30 minutes a week!
    - The latest study findings - Ex: new research shows that intensity, not moderate exercise, boosts heart health

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