The Healthy Table: Simple, Delicious Home Cooking

The Healthy Table: Simple, Delicious Home Cooking by Luiz Ratto & Ann Volkwein
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187 x 232mm
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A celebrated personal chef shares recipes for healthy and creative home cooking that is simple to prepare and pleases the most discriminating palates.

For the past decade one of New York's most sought-after personal chiefs, has won rave reviews for serving flavourful, healthy meals at intimate gatherings as well as at large dinner parties for the rich and fabulous. Using ingredients and techniques from his native Brazil, where colour and presentation are important to eating and enjoyment, Luiz has made both exotic and familiar cuisine simple for everyday cooks and healthy for their captive audiences.

By following his helpful and straightforward, uncomplicated recipes, you , too, can transport your friends and family with the wonderful flavours of seared sea bass with ginger, gin and cilantro; Green Grape Salsa; Caldo Verde; and Brown Rice with Cashew Nuts and Cranberries. Dazzle your guests with imaginative variations on tried-and-true favourites like chicken cacciatore, gazpacho, pad Thai, and crunchy coleslaw. Luiz's dishes combine an abundance of fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, and grains, so every delicious bite is packed with vitamins and nutrients.

But even the healthiest eaters enjoy a culinary splurge sometimes, so Luiz also shares with us some of his favourite weekend recipes. These dishes are dishes take a little longer to prepare and are less likely to slim your waistline, but they are well worth the extra time and calories! Enjoy Ximxim, a sublime stew of chicken, shrimp, grated coconut, lime, and white wine, or Thai Chicken Cups, made with crisp wontons and serves with a tangy homemade plum sauce. To finish the meal with something sweet, delight your guests with Light Floating Islands accompanied by vanilla sauce, egg white flan, or Doce de Abobora, an intensely sweet pumpkin dessert.

Luiz firmly believes in that food is more than just a combination of ingredients-it is a product of inspiration and imagination. Now, with 'The Healthy Table', you, too, can bring a world of colour and flavour to your home.
Publication Date:
27 / 01 / 2005
187 x 232mm

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