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    The Healthy Thyroid

    By: Patsy Westcott

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    What You Can Do to Prevent and Alleviate Thyroid Imbalance.

    Thyroid health is an increasingly common concern. This updated edition (formerly title 'Thyroid Problems') is a clear and practical guide to symptoms, treatment options and self-help measures for those who have, or think they may have a thyroid related problem.

    It is estimated that 1 in 10 women have a thyroid imbalance but, as symptoms are diverse, the problem is often unresolved. This book shows how to identify a thyroid problem, relieve symptoms and obtain treatment. The symptoms of thyroid imbalance include chronic fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, as well as dried out skin and hair, changes in libido and menstrual problems.

    This new edition has been fully restructured and includes a large amount of new material to reflect the needs of today's readers. It contains detailed information about natural health and complementary treatments to help relieve symptoms, and gives the lowdown on thyroid hormone tests and other orthodox medical procedures that may be offered.

    The book is an informative yet simple book that provides a 'patients-eye' view if thyroid imbalance so readers can better understand their doctors. It discusses the links between sub-clinical thyroid problems (the most common sort - that cause long term problems but are hard to pin down) and other conditions such as depression and obesity.

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