The Image Processing Handbook, Fifth Edition

The Image Processing Handbook, Fifth Edition by John C. Russ
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Now in its fifth edition, John C. Russ’s monumental image processing reference is an even more complete, modern, and hands-on tool than ever before. The Image Processing Handbook, Fifth Edition is fully updated and expanded to reflect the latest developments in the field. Written by an expert with unequalled experience and authority, it offers clear guidance on how to create, select, and use the most appropriate algorithms for a specific application.
What’s new in the Fifth Edition?
·       A new chapter on the human visual process that explains which visual cues elicit a response from the viewer
·       Description of the latest hardware and software for image acquisition and printing, reflecting the proliferation of the digital camera
·       New material on multichannel images, including a major section on principal components analysis
·       Expanded sections on deconvolution, extended dynamic range images, and image enlargement and interpolation
·       More than 600 new and revised figures and illustrations for a total of more than 2000 illustrations
·       20% more references to the most up-to-date literature
Written in a relaxed and reader-friendly style, The Image Processing Handbook, Fifth Edition guides you through the myriad tools available for image processing and helps you understand how to select and apply each one.
Publication Date:
19 / 12 / 2006

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