The Insider by Piers Morgan
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The most explosive book of the year - from a true insider . . .

At the tender age of 28, Piers Morgan was made editor of a national newspaper. So began a career at the epicentre of Britain's media over one of the most tumultuous decades of modern times.

We witnessed the implosion of the Tories and the rise of New Labour; we were rocked by the death of Diana and saw the Royal Family brought to its knees by scandal and tragedy; gripped by horrific news like the massacre at Dunblane and the Paddington rail disaster, we also found ourselves enthralled by a stream of celebrity gossip. And then, on 11 September 2001 the world changed for ever. Within a year Britain was at war with Iraq and at odds with itself.

These are the diaries of a true insider and the cast of characters is endless. Diana. William and Charles; Tony Blair, Cherie, Gordon Brown; Paul McCartney, George Michael and EIton John; Rupert Murdoch, Richard Branson and Al Fayed; Fergie, Paul Burrell, James Hewitt, Earl Spencer; Jeremy Clarkson, Paula Yates, Paul Gascoigne; Jeffrey Archer, Alistair Campbell and Alan Clarke. To name but a few.

In a world of indiscreet dinners, private meetings, and gossipy lunches, Piers Morgan found himself in the thick of it and his diaries, written with all the excitement and pace of a thriller, make compulsive reading. Often laugh-out-loud funny and at times nothing less than shocking, to read 'The Insider' is to experience first-hand the secret deals, plotting and power-games that make Britain what it is today.
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2005

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