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    The Invisible Continent

    By: Kenichi Ohmae

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    Global Strategy in the New Economy

    Top corporate strategist Kenichi Ohmae charts a course for the coming economic revolution. Expanding his theory of borderless economies, he superimposes two additional dimensions: cyber-economy and multiples-based economies. The winner in the 21st century will have to be able to work not only in the local and national economies, but all three new dimensions of the battlegrounds.

    This book opens up a totally new world in which the economic war between the companies and countries will be fought. Ohmae's ideas on innovative actions from the Internet to e-commerce, and banking to telecommunications are a must-read for managers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, day traders, and businesspeople everywhere. With many examples from today's cutting-edge companies like Cisco, Dell and Microsoft, it shows how the traditional boundaries that defined economies are breaking down.

    In their place, Ohmae sees a new continent where what he calls Godzilla corporations, with their high multiples and cyber skills, grow ten times faster than any other corporations before, and the battle between them to control the platforms on which the future of global commerce is built.

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