The Juicing Detox Diet

The Juicing Detox Diet by Caroline Wheater
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159 x 216mm

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Power Your Immune System.

Following the bestselling 'Juicing For Health', this companion title, 'The Juicing Detox Diet', is the perfect plan for healthy weight loss and a natural energy boost.

With one-day, two-day and one- and two- week detox programs, as well as special booster recipes for specific health problems, this is an essential guide to health and vitality. Detoxing is becoming increasingly popular, with the occasional detox part of life for many people. The health benefits are fantastic: your body gets a rest from the usual toxins, giving it a chance to clean up, get your system in shape and lose excess weight naturally.

Juicing is one of the best ways to detox, providing your body with essential nutrients that help the cleansing process. This new edition of 'The Juicing Detox Diet' has been extensively revised with a large amount of new material. It contains everything you need to know about detoxing and the healing properties of raw fruit and vegetables, with plans for one-day, weekend, one-week and two-week detoxes.

Also included are special recipes for year-round booster detoxes for conditions including liver cleansing and PMS, as well as for healthy skin, immunity boosting, energy and vitality, nerves, vitamin and mineral top-ups, women's health hormone balancing and a New Year/post-party special.

In addition to the detox plans, the book includes information on why modern life puts such a strain on us and why a detox can help; tips for integrating health into daily "life after detox"; and therapies and lifestyle treats such as yoga and visualisation to help you stay stress-free and counteract the causes of mind/body overload.
Publication Date:
01 / 08 / 2003
159 x 216mm

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