The Karate Princess The Karate Princess in Monsta Trouble

The Karate Princess/The Karate Princess in Monsta Trouble by Jeremy Strong

By: Jeremy Strong

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A fantastically funny two-books-in-one adventure starring the Karate Princess!The Karate Princess: The youngest of sixteen beautiful princesses, Belinda is ignored by her father, King Stormbelly, and left in the hands of a Japanese tutor. After the king marries off his other daughters he discovers that Belinda has turned into a karate expert. Appalled, he leaves her to find her own handsome prince. But will she be able to - and will she even want to?
The Karate Princess in Monsta Trouble: The Karate Princess is not enjoying her honeymoon - she's bored and desperate for an adventure. Luckily her uncle, the Duke of Dork, needs some help with a rather terrifying, man-eating monster. The Karate Princess can't wait to get stuck in, but the two-headed monster is a bit of a handful, and she's soon in danger of becoming his mid-morning snack!
Publication Date:
03 / 03 / 2011

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