The Last Class by Bryce Courtenay
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Bryce Courtenay Australias best-selling author ran The Last Class writing workshop just months before he passed away.

This unforgettable documentary is a profound and deeply moving experience. It will inspire you to reach out and discover your own Power Of One.

The Last Class records Bryces original insights into how he wrote 21 bestsellers in 23 years.
For writers, this film will give you the confidence and motivation to start writing your own bestselling novel, family memoir, or work of nonfiction. You may also discover how to inject more energy into your business presentations.
For Bryces millions of readers, this film delivers a rare, up-close and personal experience charged with emotion in never before seen footage.
The Last Class offers you the chance to hear from a Master Storyteller, a gifted teacher, and much loved Australian author.

Not only was Bryce Courtenay a Master Storyteller, he was a gifted teacher. This film is his legacy and possibly his greatest gift.
- Chris Richards: Student The Last Class

This film is not to be missed, and is a must see for aspiring writers.
- Robert Swan OBE: First man to walk to the North & South Poles.
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2014

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