The Last Pope

The Last Pope by Luis Miguel Rocha

By: Luis Miguel Rocha

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Vatican City, 29 September 1978: the world wakes to the shocking news that Pope John Paul I is dead, just a month after his accession.Thirty years later, in London, young journalist Sarah Monteiro receives a mysterious package. Enclosed is a list of names and a coded message.Moments later a masked assassin attempts to silence her for ever. It seems Sarah holds the key to unveiling a deadly secret - a plot that implicates unscrupulous mercenaries and crooked politicians, and which goes to the very heart of the Vatican. Sarah has no choice but to run, forced into a ruthless game of cat-and-mouse. She can trust no one, especially when her father's name appears on the incriminating list.Sarah finds herself at the centre of a world-wide conspiracy its keepers will stop at nothing to protect.
Publication Date:
06 / 08 / 2009

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