Mad Ship by Robin Hobb
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The magic and mayhem continue in this thrilling second instalment of Robin Hobb’s Liveship Traders series.

The Vivacia is now under new ownership, but the struggle for power between her two ‘captains’ is postponed while they both recover from near-fatal injuries. Kennit lies on the verge of death, secreted away belowdecks in his cabin. Will Wintrow succeed in performing the life-threatening amputation on Kennit’s leg? Both Wintrow and Kennit know that their lives hang in the balance; if Wintrow fails, Kennit will surely die and the young priest faces certain death at the hands of the formidable Etta. Meanwhile, Wintrow’s relationship with his ailing father can only go from bad to worse.

Althea has found a new home aboard the liveship Ophelia, in whom she has found a dependable friend. Together will they manage to reclaim Althea’s rightful position aboard Vivacia? The Vestrit family who remain at home continue to fight to keep their family from bankruptcy; Malta finds herself unwillingly embroiled with the Khuprus family – but it is surely a situation she will turn to her advantage…
Publication Date:
17 / 03 / 1999

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