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    The final volume in the trilogy.

    The dragon, Tintaglia, has been released from her wizardwood coffin, but Reyn and Selden are doomed to drown in the chamber from which they freed her. Meanwhile, Malta, the Satrap and his Companion navigate the acid flow of the Rain wild River in a decomposing boat . . .

    Bingtown is at war against the Chalcedeans, and also among its own citizens. If the city to is to survive, Ronica Vestrit must unite all its peoples but there are those with a secret and very different, agenda. Althea and Brashen are finally at sea together, sailing the liveship paragon into pirate waters to rescue the Vestrit family liveship, Vivacia, stolen by the pirate king, Kennit; but there is mutiny brewing in their ragtag crew, and in the mind of the mad ship itself. And all the while the waters around the Vicacia are seething with giant serpents, following the liveship as it sails to its destiny.

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