The Management Contradictionary

The Management Contradictionary by Benjamin Marks, Rodney Marks & Robert Spillane
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The Management Contradictonary is a very funny dictionary of 1,000 management definitions - it humourously debunks
the world of work. As a funny business tool kit it provides ammunition and antidotes to readers where one can be
defended against the jargon and the clichés of business.

Benjamin Marks SLNSW is a prolific author of his own numerous works and a card-carrying member of the State Library of New South Wales. A critic of such newspapers as The Sydney Morning Herald and The New York Times, his views go unchallenged at universities around the world. Born into slavery to the Commonwealth of Australia, Marks also works for the tax office.

Rodney Marks is Australia's (mis)leading comedian. He is a corporate impostor who infiltrates organisations at business
events. Most managers do the same, but he waits his turn to speak - and his fraudulent keynote addresses are exposed.
Well qualified to say nothing at length, he and his comedy characters have graduated from the AGSM and Harvard.

Robert Spillane is Professor of Management and former Dean of the Macquarie Graduate School of Management in
Sydney. He teaches philosophy in the hope that it will be applied to management and psychology in the hope that it will
not. He has written more than 110 professional articles that nobody reads, nine books most of which are out of print, and
a play Entertaining Executives with which he hopes to make a fortune.
Publication Date:
15 / 10 / 2006

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