The Manager's Book of Decencies

The Manager's Book of Decencies by Steve Harrison
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There is a philosophy of doing business that goes beyond the transfer of goods and services. It calls for a transfer of values known as of small decencies.

This book shows the way.

Steve Harrison, longtime management and corporate culture innovator, knows one simple truth: The long term success of any company, small or large, local or global, depends largely on its culture. Change a company's internal culture for the better, and results skyrocket. But can a manager really adjust the culture of an entire work force, especially in a large corporation? Small decencies make it easy, and in this book Harrison describes dozens of such decencies, all field-tested by the best companies in the world. All represent small changes that produce big results.

Addressing concerns at every level of corporate culture, from the entry level to the CEO's office, Harrison shows how decencies will enhance communication, build teamwork, boost productivity, and create a stronger dedication to a shared mission company-wide. The Manager's Book of Decencies provides real-life examples of small decencies that result in major business impact, and that you can put to use in your company.

What is a Small Decency?

Greet coworkers authentically and personally

Remember to say thank you-or better yet, write thank you notes

For meetings you convene, be the first to sit down and the last to get up

Welcome visitors by name. Better yet call them “guests”

Answer your own telephone

Give away recognition when things go well; hoard responsibility when they don't

Convey bad news in person

When you make a mistake, admit it and apologize

The Manager's Book of Decencies delivers a top-to-bottom approach to creating the kind of positive corporate culture, which has shown time and again to improve performance, attract and retain top talent, promote well-behaved organizations, and advance a vision of shared values. This is crucial reading for every manager.
Publication Date:
20 / 04 / 2007

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