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    The Mandala Astrological Tarot

    By: A T Mann

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    Discover the meaning of past, present and future - an entirely new approach combining the art of astrology with the magic of Tarot.
    This pack contains a book and 72 tarot cards

    Every tarot pack carries many layers of meaning, illustrated through the cards in a pictorial, symbolic language. The Mandala Astrological Tarot is unusual in that it does not use human personifications, but instead portrays the tableaux of the
    Egyptian mystery temples with all their imagery and colour. Each of the 72 cards is presented as a circular mandala - an Eastern term for a consecrated place. Meditation upon any card enables the reader to discover the inner meaning of the mandala, to identify with the forces of the universe and contact their own psychic power.

    These mandala are combined with the ancient psychological and archetypal language of astrology, which gives the tarot its structure. The two elements combine to form a tarot of unique vitality and power. The accompanying book explains the cards in a clear, accessible way, and the tarot as a whole offers an exceptionally attractive system that serves both as a method of divination, and as a stimulating meditation for anyone questing after a deeper understanding of life's processes.

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