The Manny by Holly Peterson
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Jamie Whitfield is a rarity among the sleek and chic of 'The Grid' – the exclusive blocks of the Upper East Side where it's all about keeping up with the Vanderbilts. She's a working mother, from the wrong side of the tracks and is never quite going to fit in, much to the dismay of her neurotic husband Jeffrey. But while he's worrying that they're the poor white trash of The Grid, struggling along on a mere two mill a year, Jamie is more concerned about juggling the demands of her job with the needs of her children.

On the verge of breaking the story that could make her reporting career, and facing mutiny from her son, she hires a Manny – a male nanny and the new 'must–have' accessory on The Grid. And Jason proves to be a life–saver in more ways than she could ever have imagined...
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2008
This book sounded like it had potential, but it is very slow to start and the pace never really picks up. The Manny (male nanny) is about Jamie Whitfield, who lives on Park Avenue with her three children and her mostly absent high-powered attorney husband, Phillip. Jamie works part-time as a producer for a prime-time news program. When her 9 year old son Dylan begins having problems she hires Peter Bailey a 29 year old student who is biding his time until he get funding for his software business. Of course, Jamie and Peter are attracted to each other but this never really leads to anything over exciting. If you have time and have read every other book in the house give it a go, but I wouldn't put it at the top of a 'to-read' list.
, 13/12/2008

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