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    By: Holly Peterson

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    The hot new New York novel from a Manhattan mover and shaker is a brilliantly entertaining romantic comedy about a harassed working mum – a fish out of water on the exclusive Upper East Side – who hires a male nanny to look after her son.

    Jamie Whitfield is a rarity among the sleek and chic of 'the Grid' – the exclusive blocks of the Upper East Side where it's all about keeping up with the Vanderbilts. She's a working mother, from the wrong side of the tracks and is never quite going to fit in, much to her neurotic husband Jeffrey's dismay. But while he's worrying that they're the poor white trash of the Grid, struggling along on a mere two mill a year, Jamie is more concerned about juggling the demands of her job with the needs of her children.

    On the verge of breaking the story of her reporting career, and facing mutiny from her son, she hires a Manny – a male nanny and the new 'must-have' accessory on the Grid. And Jason proves to be a life-saver in more ways than she could ever have imagined...

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