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    The Midnight Diary Of Zoya Blume

    By: Laura Shaine Cunningham

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    "Your first memory is your point of view," says Zoya's mother. But what is Zoya's first memory?

    When her mother must leave home, promising to return in seven days, Zoya Blume begins a midnight diary to keep the dark forces at bay. She writes of secrets and of nightmares = most frightening of all the Buka, a monstrous witch, composed of shadows, who seize her once long ago and now, in her mother's absence, threatens to reclaim her forever.

    Can Zoya conquer her fear by facing her past? Memories come like a chill blast from the country of her birth. Yet Zoya finds a guardian in Leon, her mother's magician friend, an ally in her Gypsy neighbour, Flynn, and a beacon of hope in the Stone Girl - a hauntingly beautiful statue in the courtyard.

    Only love and truth can save Zoya Blume. On the chance she will lose everything and everyone she loves, Zoya takes the ultimate journey alone one midnight and crosses the border out of childhood and into the adult world, in which joy must coexists with the knowledge that those you love are not immortal. A heartfelt mystery tour that sheds light on ever young girl's deepest feelings.

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