The Missing Beaumont Children

The Missing Beaumont Children by Michael Madigan
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150 x 235mm
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The case of the "Missing Beaumont Children" has been forged into Australia's psyche and soul like no other crime. A crime so shocking that it has often been described as a defining moment in this country's history.

After 50 years of intense police investigation the whereabouts of Jane (9), Anna (7) and Grant Beaumont (4) is still a mystery; Australia's most famous unsolved crime.

On the morning of January 26, 1966 the three children set off from their Somerton Park home to Glenelg Beach on a bus to enjoy a brief excursion at Adelaide's most popular beach only a few kilometres away. Apart from a brief sighting from the Beaumont family's postman early on that afternoon, there have been no other sightings of the children since.

The 'mystery' of the children's disappearance has often overshadowed the 'misery' the Beaumont parents have had to endure. This book takes the reader inside the trauma of Nancy and Grant; from the panic and heartbreaking first few days to the utter despair in later years.

Only seven years after the Beaumont disappearance, two girls Joanne Ratcliffe (11) and Kirste Gordon (4) were abducted from Adelaide Oval during a football match. Were the two abductions connected? How could they not be connected?

Author Michael Madigan delves into the sordid world of the numerous 'persons of interest' who have at times been suspects in this case and forensically answers the question 'who could do such a thing?'
Publication Date:
01 / 01 / 2016
150 x 235mm
The Missing Beaumont Children
The 50 year mystery of the missing Beaumont children has been permanently etched into the minds and psyche of South Australians, if not all Australians ever since that dreadful day in January 1966. The three Beaumont children left their home that morning for a day at the beach but they were never to return home again. This book brings together what little information the police have been able to gather over the days, months and years following the children's disappearance. The book talks about many of the persons of interest as well as touching on other disappearances around the country and whether they could be connected. Unfortunately there is no happy ending in this book. The Beaumont children are still missing. The person or persons involved have never been caught and our society is still questioning why someone would do such a horrible thing? - Mark
, 08/07/2016

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