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    The Monarch Of The Glen - TV Tie-In

    By: Compton Mackenzie

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    The ancient clan spirit is not yet dead in the Scottish highlands, with Donald MacDonald of Ben Nevis ruling the roost at wild, craggy Glenbogle Castle. Woe betide those who trespass on this Chieftain's kingdom . . .

    So when a hapless bunch of Sassenach hikers invades the glens, camping on Ben Nevis's beloved land and disturbing his prized grouse, they are in for the shock of a lifetime, as the MacDonald clan prepare to do battle with the unfortunate travellers. Kilt swinging and sporran flying, fortified with whisky, with his two stout daughters at his side and the welcome support of American millionaire Chester Royde, Ben Nevis wages war on the hikers in the ancient manner of his ancestors (which involves roasting and dungeons among other dubious punishments), with hilarious results . . .

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